I love self hosting tools and data if that means a better or similar experience when at the same time I gain privacy, freedom and ownership. Also a feeling of self accomplishment.

My server is made up of two Raspberry Pis, 2 SD cards and an external SSD. It is accessible over the internet thanks to Cloudflare's Argo tunnels.

They are currently located in Coma-ruga, Catalonia, Spain.

What I'm currently self hosting

After the lost there is more info on each item


I'm hosting a music server where I can globally access, stream and download my music library. The software is the amazing Navidrome, a lightweight server compatible with the Subsonic API. I usually use DSub on Android, but am currently testing a newcomer, Subtracks. On desktop I just use the web app on a browser.



DSub on F-Droid

Subtracks on F-Droid


I need to sync files between several machines (like notes or keepass database) but I also need to have some files available at any time that don't necessarily need to be stored on every device all times (like documents and photos).

Nextcloud would cover all of this (I think) but it doesn't run smoothly on the Raspberry Pi 3. I would need an upgrade and I don't want to do that for now.

Currently I'm using Syncthing to sync the files and Filebrowser to access them online, through the browser. I will probably set up some FTP or WebDAV drive to access them more... "properly". Filebrowser also lets you upload files, make folders, etc.



File Browser


Finally I found the perfect combination of software for digital note taking and syncing. Perfect for me, of course. It's all plain text files and folders synced with Syncthing, which is very fast and stable. So any editing software and sync software or service will work.

I'm using Markor on Android and Zettlr on desktop, macOS in this case, but it's available on Windows and Linux too.

Zettlr has a simple UI and it is fast. The search function works pretty well. Same with Markor. The UI looks dated but UX-wise, it works very well, and that's what's important!

The beauty of this is that any software would work, and nothing's closed or a specific format or adds unimportant meta data. But if everything goes bad, I'll have my neatly arranged notes in text, no need for migrations or copy-pasting notes from one program to the other.

Markor on F-Droid


(more to come...)